A cradle of civilization, history, holiness, and paradoxically enough crazy partying, that would be the country flanking the blue hues of the Mediterranean from the east, the Switzerland of the Middle Eastern area, Lebanon. It kicks off your senses towards a guaranteed thrilling adventure. Witness what you have been taught in History class, be the one to tell of the beauty you feast your eyes with in Beirut, the capital that withstood all, Byblos, the ancient Phoenician city, Jeita Grotto the treasure trove of stalactites, and much much more to discover and be stunned by.

Lebanon offers you great scenic views, whether of its lush green mountains, or its gorgeous sea, it grants you a splendid time filled with cultural and historical lessons, and a myriad of fun, great food, and an overly friendly company. Don't miss out on an opportunity that Sonomar offers you, be the one to share a feeling of utmost delight in a country that pampers you at its best.

Its beautiful climate, many historic landmarks and a civilization dating back more than 7000 years, are reasons for attracting an increased number of visitors to Lebanon. Its tourist and financial industries together with the thriving medical services industry, have made the services sector the most important pillar of the Lebanese Economy.

Lebanon is found on the eastern shore of the Mediterranean Sea.  Arabic, French and English are widely spoken with around 59% of the population being Muslim and 39% from the Christian community.

Currency:  The Lebanese pound (LBP), however the US Dollar (USD) is widely accepted
Airports  :  Rafic Hariri International Airport, Beirut
Ports       :  Beirut Port.

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