Tours of Lebanon

Tours of Lebanon

 Tour Beirut
Jeita, Byblos and Harissa – “Spiritual Wander Tour”

Beiteddine, Sidon, Tyr  -  “Fruits of Wealth Tour”
Baalbeck, Anjar & Ksara  –  “A Cultural Goodie Bag”
Wine Road Tour
Hunting Package at Bekaa
The Dine and Gamble Experience
Cruise along the Lebanese Coast


The capital and the largest city of Lebanon.  Its history goes back to more than 5000 years.  The earliest traces of habitation date from the stone age.  Recent archaelogical excavations revealed evidence confirming the existence of Beirut as a city during Phoenician times.  The area was continuously occupied throughout pre-history.

After surviving a decade and a half of war, most of the destroyed centre is restored and Beirut has regained its former reputation as a crossroads between 3 continents.  The tour of the old town includes the Roman Exedra discovered west of the St. George Maronite Cathedral, the original Crusader Cathedral transformed to Omari Mosque, the municipality building, Amir Munzir Mosques Etoile Square, the Roman Bath, the historical Greek Orthodox and Catholic Churches opposite the Parliament.

Price $35
This half day tour includes :

Walking downtown
Local Guide
pick-up and drop-off from Beirut Hotels only

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So folks, this is where you get to put on your light helmets and discover Lebanon’s nature gold mine, a cave etched in the mountains of Jeita to form a nature’s sanctuary of stalactites and stalagmites. Discovered in the beginning of the 1800s, the Jeita Grotto is the spout of the Dog River.

You will have the chance to stroll through the upper cave scanning every wonder coming your way, you can then take the train to the lower cave, and in turn the small ferry floating in the lower cave’s turquoise clear water.

You will then be taken to Byblos Jbeil, the ancient Phoenician city, considered one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. You will definitely be charmed with all the history you shall feast your eyes upon, from the Byblos castle to the medieval walls flanking the city, to the Great Temple, Obilisks Temple and the Temple of Baalat Gebal.

The city of Gebal is infused with historical marks from the Romans, Crusaders, Ottomans, and others. It is a clash of cultures that makes this place a great tourist attraction, and a hotspot of beauty with meaning. Do not miss walking in its old cobblestone souks, and strolling on the harbor, enjoying the gorgeous sea view.

You will then be headed up to Harissa by means of an electric cabin that will feature a bird’s view of the beautiful Jounieh bay. A white painted bronze statue of Our Lady of Lebanon will await at the top of a long staircase in Harissa, under it is a chapel you can go into, and a huge Maronite church stands to its left. As you reach the tops of the 8.5m statue, you will be dazzled by the rich scenic view of the bay and the deep blue Mediterranean waters.

Be a part of Sonomar’s historical thrill, be an explorer, a pilgrim, and a tourist all at once!

Pricing: $80 a person

Including: Comfortable transport with AC – Entrance fees to places visited – Tour guide – Hotel Transfers.

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As a start, you shall be setting foot onto an area infused with Oriental royal allure. Built by Emir Bashir Shehab, the ruler of Mount Lebanon back then, the Beiteddine Palace was completed in the 19th century along 30 years. It came out in this Oriental yet Baroque style masterpiece, since many involved were Italian as well as Arab architects.

You shall be touring the palace’s rooms, the museums adorned with mosaic, and the lovely verdure-carpeted gardens. In the Chouf area where Beiteddine is located, were 3 other palaces that the Emir built for his sons, the only one still standing however is the Mir Amin Palace, which serves as a divine hotel today.

You will then head towards the southern coastal area Sidon, Saida in Arabic literally meaning fishery. It is an ancient town inhabited from 4000BC, perched on the Mediterranean with beautiful artifacts and monuments still there to enjoy, yet many dispersed along international museums. Since Sidon was an ancient Phoenician city, you will have to check out Murex Hill; for it is there that the extraction of the purple dye was first discovered from the Murex clam. The land castle and sea castle will both mesmerize you with their valuably all-withstanding relic. The Khan El Faranj built by Emir Fakhreddine II will also add to your stun, and a trip to the soap caravansary will also liven up your senses with pleasant aromas, and creative deisgns.

You will enjoy getting lost in the old city’s maze souks, buying traditional crafts and delights, and being served with coffee by the hospitable Lebanese. You will witness conservative yet friendly Lebanese carpenters and metal workers hammering away at furniture and gadgets out of this world. You will then walk by the gorgeous sea, and marvel at that celestial view that Sidon offers you. A city filled with secrets to share, and splendor to lavishly give to its visitors.

As we go further south, we pay the Queen a visit, yes, Tyre was known as the Queen of Lebanon. Tyre was a major Phoenician port back then, and shipped the famous purple dye. It was a mainland with an island that were later on joined by a causeway built by Alexander the Great and his men when they tried to get into the Persian Occupied Tyre island surrounded by walls.

The Al-Bass Site will lure in with its ancient extensive necropolis, a 3 bay monumental arch, and one of the largest ever hippodromes, all dating back to the 2nd century AD to the 6th century AD. The City Site, located on the original island area, is a vast district of civic buildings, colonnades, public baths, mosaics, streets, and a rectangular arena. So all in all, you will have a splendid time sharing Lebanon’s wealth.

Pricing: $80 per person

Including: Comfortable transport – Entrance fees to all places visited – Great traditional lunch – Local guide – Hotel Transfers

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The most appealing goodies are now in your culture bag for just a $75 fee! Enjoy a day of marveling at the beautiful grotesque temples of Jupiter, Mercury, and Bacchus. Explore Baalbek “City of the Sun” as named by the then-settled Greeks, unravel the beauty left by Ceasar’s Romans upon colonization of the area, and wonder at the architecture which resulted from a clash of several ancient cultures, including the Byzantines and Umayyads. Baalbek is found in the fertile lands of the Bekaa valley, and its grandeur will bedazzle you with its human-built colossal monuments, considered as a world ancient heritage by the UNESCO today.

Highlighted by its polished archways of stone, Anjar used to grant a link to the Mediterranean to the people in Damascus, today it is a primordial dazzle as well. These monuments you will see are the final traces left of the Umayyads. Anjar was and still is a commercial area in the southern Bekaa region; it is overwhelmed with small shops setup across narrow drives normally occupied by Armenians, as a result of the 1915 Genocide aftermath. Anjar is the ancient correspondent of the contemporary shopping pergolas.

As you walk through the ruins of this stone city, marvel at the beautiful stone archways of the city's palace facades. Explore the elaborate Roman-style baths. Duck inside the small residential quarters of the city’s inhabitants. Search for intricate Greco-Roman-style stone carvings, or Umayyad-era graffiti on the walls, and imagine yourself taken back in time to this short period in history when the Umayyad caliphs ruled the region and the city bustled with traders en route to the four corners of the world.

Your final but not least impressive stop shall be at Ksara, the ancient Lebanese winery, established at the end of the 1870s by the Jesuit fathers in Bekaa’s fertile area, where caves dug by the Romans were rediscovered and expanded. The caves serving as wine cellars today, range between 11 to 13ºC, and lure in many visitors from all over. Ksara has been sold to the owners today with a condition to maintain the high standards and quality of grapes, as well as individuals who love the soil. Taste a fine wine that will definitely spill history’s secrets to you.

Pricing: $75 per person

Price Including: Comfortable transport – Entrance fees to all places visited – Lunch – Local guide – Transfers to and from the hotel -

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Duration: 8 Hours

The History of Wine making extends over thousands of years and the archeological evidence suggests that the earliest wine production dates from 6000 to 5000 BC. The Phoenicians - the ancient inhabitant of Lebanon - were making, consuming and trading wine with other major cities long before  Greeks & Roman; this tradition has been kept through years.

Being one of the oldest sites of wine production in the world, Lebanon has an annual production of about 600 000 cases of wine. The Majority of Lebanese wineries are located in the West Bekaa Valley. The First commercial winery in modern Lebanon was that of Chateau Ksara located in the heart of Bekaa, Which was a property of the Jesuit Fathers.

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Ksara's natural wine cellar is a grotto discovered by the Romans who dug several narrow tunnels from the cave into the surrounding chalk. These tunnels were enlarged to their present size during World War I. The temperature in the tunnels is ideal for wine, varying throughout the year from 11 to 13ºC



Like most of the wineries in Lebanon Chateau Kefraya is located in the Cradle of wine making “The Bekaa Valley”. The Castle was built on an artificial hill made by the Romans.  Owned by Bustros family, in 1949 Mr. Michel De Bustros decided to take over the domain, and never left even during the Israeli occupation.  In 1987 Chateau Kefraya started exporting their wine to France only.  Nowadays their wine is exported to around 35 countries.  Aiming improvement and tourists satisfaction the cellar was totally renovated in 2009.

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The story of Tanaïl Property goes back to the early 70's. At first, Ghosn family made homemade Arak from the grapes grown on their property.

The civil war forced the Ghosns to leave their estate.  Seventeen years later, Sami Ghosn and Ramzi decided to bring back life to the domain.  Tanail was reborn from its ashes with greater ambitions.

Pricing $120 (minimum 5 persons)

Tour Includes the following :

  • Transportation by air-conditioned coach
  • Wine tasting
  • Lunch at winery
  • Local guide
  • Pick up and drop off from Beirut hotels only

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  • Price $340 per person
  • Welcome drink upon arrival
  • 1 night accommodation sharing a twin room in a 5 Star hotel
  • Morning picnic breakfast during hunting trip
  • Transportation in a fully-equipped 4x4
  • Guide and driver to accompany the hunters
  • A professional rifle and 150 shots
  • Special hunting jacket and hat

There should be a minimum of 4 hunters

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Dine and Gamble

For those who like to make the most of their trip - a tempting dine and gamble evening awaits you at the famous ''Casino du Liban''.

Located on the heights of Maamltein, Casino du Liban overlooks the magnificent bay of Jounieh.  There is a luxurious atmosphere offering 3 gaming rooms with a variety of games with different bets to suit all players.

Experience the amazing cuisine which boasts 5 restaurants and bars to choose from.

Price $120 per person and includes :

  • Private transportation to and from your hotel
  • Dinner
  • One alcoholic beverage

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Enjoy an amazing cruise along the gorgeous Lebanese coastline.  Take in the stunning scenery while sipping your cocktails aboard a beautiful yacht

The yacht is at your disposal from morning to evening and is available for private charter.

Restaurant options as follows

  •  Cafe Tournesol            $166 per person with lunch
  • Azrak Restaurant          $185 per person with lunch and open bar
  • Chez Pepe                  $188 per person with lunch
  • Jammal Restaurant         $215 per person with lunch and open bar
  • Edde Sands                 $178 per person with lunch and open bar
                                 $288 cabana, jacuzzi, bottle of champagne, lunch and open bar

The above prices include the following :

A cruise to the north
Free drinks on board the Yacht
Optional stop in Jounieh allowing you to enjoy various water sports
Lunch in a restaurant of your choice
Full day hire



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