Let the Mediterranean waves brushing the shore tingle your toes with their reviving waters. Relax and hear the gentle breeze speak to your senses, let that healthy tan be giving you an astounding color, and let yourself kick back and enjoy what the island of Cyprus carries your way.

Salt in the air, beautiful people, mouthwatering drinks, white sand, bright sun, sounds like paradise no? It is! A feel of what you wish life was always like is in the palm of your hand, in your bag. Sonomar Travel wants to take you along to an incomparable hot spot of stress relieving time spent, a sanctuary to captivate your soul, Cyprus.

Quite rightly earning the name – the year round Island, Cyprus is fortunate in having a wonderful climate and coupled with a civilization dating back more than 10000 years, no wonder Cyprus is an extremely popular tourist destination.

A full member of the European Union since 1994, Cyprus enjoys a prosperous economy and has attracted numerous offshore businesses because of its highly developed
infrastructure.  With a population of around 800,000, the majority of the residents are Greek Orthodox and Greek and English are widely spoken among the community.

Currency :  Euro
Airports   :  Larnaka International Airport
                   Paphos International Airport
Ports        :  Limassol Port

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