Tours of Cyprus

Tours of Cyprus



This mythical and historic Island has much to offer its guest.  Allow our professional guides to take you on a journey and discover the treasures of Cyprus ……  We have listed our most popular Tours to give you an insight into what we offer.  Please bear in mind that we offer tours from all towns in Cyprus and as such some excursions may differ for each town.

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Simply Cyprus
Fascinating Troodos and Kykkos
Sweet Villages
Aphrodite's Kingdom (Beautiful Paphos)
Hidden Paphos
Natural Wonder of the West
Nicosia Walk / Cross the Line
Famagusta (Kingdom of Salamis)
Northern Exposure
Akamas 4x4
Scuba Diving
The perfect sailing experience
A Day trip to Cairo



 If you only want to spend one day sightseeing, make it this one.  Taking in some of Cyprus' top attractions - its a must.  Your first stop is
Erimi Wine Museum where you will be able to travel back 2500 and experience the art of wine making through the years.  You will have the
opportunity to taste local wines and sample local produce.  Next is the stunning Kolossi Castle.  Dating from the Middle ages, it boasts an
impressive list of visitors, including Richard the Lionheart.  Then onto the ancient city of Curium.  A treasure house of history, you'll take a
seat in its 2000 year old amphitheatre and travel back in time as your guide brings it all back to life.  You will make a stop at a village for a
traditional meze lunch and will be amazed with the beautiful scenery on your journey there.  The picturesque village of Omodhos is located
in one of the most prestigious wine making areas in Cyprus.  You will have the opportunity to visit the old wine press museum and purchase
local wine and produce.
Price €52 per person including lunch


Fascinating Troodos and Kykkos


Strictly limited to 20 adults.  This select tour offers you a more personal sightseeing experience.  As you travel high in the pine-clad Troodos
mountains you'll find the Kykkos Monastery.  The monastery is ornately decorated with wonderful mosaics in bright colours.  It is also renowned
for its wealth, with many gold icons and beautifully preserved frescoes.  The journey into the Troodos Mountains is spectacular.  We'll pass
small villages and get a glimpse of traditional cypriot life.  You will have breakfast in a beautiful village in the local coffee shop and lunch in a
traditional village.  You will experience the fascinating Zelefos Bridge hidden in an amazing nature trail and your guide will keep you entertained with
plenty of stories and unravel the history of Cyprus piece by piece.
Price €59 per person including lunch


Sweet Villages


Travel up the south side of the Troodos Mountains to the picturesque village of Anogyra which is well known for its Carob orchards. 
The juice from the carobs is used to make teratsomelo (carob honey) and pastelli (carob toffee).  You will have the opportunity to
purchase this produce as well as visit the olive press.  Next a visit to Ayios Nikolaos Tis Stegis Monastery which is decorated with
a rich array of frescoes from the 11th to 17th century and is considered one of he most interesting byzantine churches on the Island.
You will then travel to the fascinating village of Kakopetria which started as a medieval settlement.  Here you can walk around and
take in the beautiful scenery Kakopetria has to offer.
Price €39 per person (lunch not included)


Aphrodites Kingdom ( Beautiful Paphos)



A real history fest, this tour begins at Apollo Temple dating back over 2000 years. Your guide will bring the ruins here back to life with vivid tales
of their history, and then a stop at the birth place of Aphrodite - the godess of love and beauty.  The much loved Paphos is next.  First up are the
Tombs of the Kings.  A huge honeycomb structure carved into the rocks, you'll get a glimpse into the 4th century BC here.  Its the House of Dionysos
that tops the charts in the sight-seeing stakes though.  A Roman Villa dating back to the 3rd century, it houses beautiful mosaics, some of the East
Med's finest in fact.  Your tour ends with free time to stroll along the harbour or pull up a chair at a seafront restaurant.
Price €40 per person


Hidden Paphos


If you are looking to get off the beaten path, travel through the countryside and see a little of ''old'' Cyprus, then this trip is for you.  Relax and soak
up the scenery as you pass through quaint villages that time forgot and picturesque vineyards.  See the monastery that was colourfully named
"Our Lady of the Golden Pomegranate" .  Chrysorrogiatissa Monastery houses many treasured icons and artefacts with a fascinating history.  You
will continue your journey through hillside villages and have the opportunity to see the local handicrafts, taste the local wine and top it off with lunch
and a little local entertainment.  The villages of Panayia (where the first president of Cyprus resided) and the beautiful village of Peyia are also on the
list of places you will visit.
Price €69 per person including lunch


 Natural Wonder of the West


This is a fascinating tour and one that includes a walk through one of Cyprus' most impressive natural wonders.  The trek is 11 kilometres from start
to finish and begins in a beautiful garden.  During your walk, you will see unique geological formations, unusual plants, fauna and a sea of oleander
bushes.  Nature can be the greatest artist of all.  Have your cameras ready as you never know when you may happen on one of the local birds or a
kaleidoscope of butterflies.  You will visit the seacaves and then onto the Avagas Gorge - final stop Droushia village for lunch.
Price €45 per person including lunch


 Nicosia Walk / Cross the Line


 Nicosia is a tale of two cities.  As Cyprus' capital, its the world's last divided city.  A buzzing hub of old and new, your guide will give you its complete
history and allow you to explore.  The highlight of the tour will be the crossing of the famous Green Line - the border that divides the north and south.
Ayias Sofia Church and the market square as well as St John's Cathedral and Leventis Museum are also places you will be visiting.
Passport required
Price Euro 39 per person (lunch not included)


Famagusta (Kingdom of Salamis)


Uncover Famagusta's hidden treasures, one of which is the city of Salamis.  This ancient site covers an area of one square mile, extending along the
seashore.  Your guide will lead you around the amazing amphitheatre and the gymnasium, both of which have been extensively restored.  We continue
our journey into the old city of Famagusta, where we have the chance to see the abandoned town.  This place has literally stood still since the invasion
by the Turkish army in 1974.  The citadel, also known as "Othello's Tower", is one place that you must visit while you are here.  There is also free time
for you to relax, have lunch, soak up the sun or enjoy a swim in the crystal clear waters. 
Passports required
Price €79 per person including lunch


Northern Exposure

northern-exposure-kyrenia-castle  northern-exposure-kyrenia-marina  northern-exposure-kyrenia-mountain


We cross the ‘’Green Line’’ to the other side of Nicosia and wind our way up and over the Pentadaktylos Mountains with their spectacular views to visit the famous Gothic Abbey of Bellapais.  Walk around the picturesque and historic port of Kyrenia, where we include a tour of its medieval fortress.  Wander around the harbour area where free time is given for exploring and lunch
Passport required
Price : €55,00 per person (lunch not included)


Akamas 4x4


This excursion starts early in the morning and will guarantee a fabulous day out.  From your hotel you will be taken to Paphos and then off-road to one of the most
beautiful un-spoilt areas in the whole of Cyprus.  You will experience the thrills and take in the spectacular scenery in this amazing part of the Island.  You will visit
Lara Bay which is home to the breeding station of the protected green turtles.  Then onto the popular fishing village of Latch for lunch.
Price €70 per person including lunch


Scuba Diving


Cyprus is the perfect place to learn to scuba dive, enjoy the clear waters of the Mediterranean and the variety of plants and marine life below the surface.  A variety
of diving courses are available and they are recognized either by PADI or BSAC.  Competent divers can enjoy the challenge of a night dive or exploring one of the several
shipwrecks that lie in Cypriot waters.
Day trips and Island Safaris from €100


The perfect sailing experience


What better way to enjoy the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.  Relax, sit back and enjoy the magnificent sailing on board a luxury Catamaran.  Take pleasure in a swim
and indulge in the delicious lunch onboard.  Happy Sailing !! 
Prices €65 per person including lunch and €85 VIP including lunch


A day trip to Cairo


This trip is becoming increasingly popular with our guests.  You will have the opportunity to visit Cairo in just a day !  You will begin this wonderful day with a visit to the Pyramids at Giza Plateau.  Gaze at the huge stone structure of the enigmatic Sphinx, a king’s head wearing a headdress and the body of a lion.

You will then visit the Egyptian Museum and marvel at the biggest collection of Pharonic Exhibits in the world and the magnificent Treasures of Tutankamun.

Enjoy a sumptuous buffet lunch in the elegance of Le Meridien, a truly five star hotel overlooking the PYRAMIDS OF CHEOPS AND KHEFREN.

Relax on a cruise on the river Nile and depending on the season, capture the moment when the red hot sun sets over the land of the unforgotten Pharaohs, or experience the sounds and lights of a bustling and never sleeping city.

Step back in time where time stood still for centuries to visit the renowned BAZAAR OF KHAN EL KHALILI and live for a while in true Egyptian style.

Flight :  Just 55 minutes from Paphos Airport – weekly departures


Price  : €319  including taxes


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